Five ways to describe me:
Clean Freak
Popcorn Obsessed
(and I mean OB-SESSED, as in will go to the theatres, buy popcorn, and leave without seeing a movie)
I AM A TORONTO BASED DIGITAL DESIGNER CURRENTLY WORKING AT LEO BURNETT ON A VARIETY OF BRANDS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA, OLA, DOOH, & WEBSITE DESIGN. i also get the opportunity to regularly work with the design team on illustration work. if i'm not working my 9-5er, i'm most likely doing freelance design work or my own personal passion projects - these creative juices are flowing 24/7.
Catch me at coffee shops across the city, specifically with a vanilla latte in one hand and apple pencil in the other.
Ask me for my CV, it tells you all the important things. 
(not that my love for lattes & popcorn isn't important)
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